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Topic 1: Foundations of environmental systems and societies
1.1 Environmental value systems
1.2 Systems and models
1.3 Energy and equilibria
1.4 Sustainability
1.5 Humans and pollution
Topic 2: Ecosystems and ecology
2.1 Species and populations
2.2 Communities and ecosystems
2.3 Flows of energy and matter
2.4 Biomes, zonation and succession
2.5 Investigating ecosystems
Topic 3: Biodiversity and conservation
3.1 An introduction to biodiversity
3.2 Origins of biodiversity
3.3 Threats to biodiversity
3.4 Conservation of biodiversity
Topic 4: Water and aquatic food production systems and societies
4.1 Introduction to water systems
4.2 Access to fresh water
4.3 Aquatic food production systems
4.4 Water pollution
Topic 5: Soil systems and terrestrial food production systems and societies
5.1 Introduction to soil systems
5.2 Terrestrial food production systems and food choices
5.3 Soil degradation and conservation
Topic 6: Atmospheric systems and societies
6.1 Introduction to the atmosphere
6.2 Stratospheric ozone
6.3 Photochemical smog
6.4 Acid deposition
Topic 7: Climate change and energy production
7.1 Energy choices and security
7.2 Climate change—causes and impacts
7.3 Climate change—mitigation and adaptation
Topic 8: Human systems and resource use
8.1 Human population dynamics
8.2 Resource use in society
8.3 Solid domestic waste
8.4 Human population carrying capacity