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SubjectLevelDP LanguageRaw MarkGrade AchievedSessionCommentsCredits
SubjectLevelDP LanguageRaw MarkGrade AchievedSessionCommentsCredits
Global politicsSLEN966May 2020
Other Group 5CoreES45AMay 2021Modelos de evaluaciones internas matemáticas nuevo currículoMi teacher
EconomicsHLEN437November 2016u/RunasSudo
EconomicsHLEN387May 2020Micro: taxation/market failure, macro: expansionary fiscal policy, intl.: tariffs
EconomicsHLEN377May 2020Microeconomics IA, that was a part of 37/45 IA portfolio, unfortunately not sure about the specific score on this exact IA
EconomicsHLEN377May 2020International economics IA, that was a part of 37/45 IA portfolio, unfortunately not sure about the specific score on this exact IA
EconomicsHLEN377May 2020Macroeconomics IA, that was a part of 37/45 IA portfolio, unfortunately not sure about the specific score on this exact IA
MathematicsCoreEN33AMay 2019https://github.com/ansh/Mathematics-Extended-Essay
BiologySLES33AMay 2020NadaMi colegio
English A Language and LiteratureCoreEN33AMay 2019Group 1, Category 3 EE on identity in the ​"Ms. Marvel​" comics.jv#0180
PhysicsCoreEN32AMay 2020
HistoryCoreEN31AMay 2020"To what extent did the mass media structurally transform the public space of Carnatic music?"u/FreezingYoyos
TheatreCoreEN31AMay 2019This is my Theatre EE on the theatre company DV8 Physical Theatre that got an A.u/mythic_fci
Computer ScienceCoreEN30AMay 2018u/Liammcquay
BiologySLES30AMay 2020Efecto de la Sacarosa y Glucosa en Concentraciones Hipertónicas Durante la Deshidratación Osmótica del Pepino Dulce (Solanum Muricatum).high school
Computer ScienceHLEN307May 2020CS IA (DATABASE PROJECT {PHP & MySQL})strox#4591
Global politicsHLEN29AMay 2020It was an A, but not a very high A.Anonymous
Environmental Systems SocietiesSLEN297May 2019IA on CO2 uptake by aquatic plantsjv#0180
MathematicsCoreFR29AMay 2020French version of the essay (English version of the essay in another submission)u/ImmortalPharaoh7
MathematicsCoreEN29AMay 2020THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL VERSION. Original version's written and submitted in French. This is a translationu/ImmortalPharaoh7
EconomicsCoreEN28AMay 2020No one expected this EE to be an A(including myself and my teacher), so be careful when looking at this as an example for A grade essay
HistoryCoreEN28ANovember 2019u/JY1853
World StudiesCoreEN28AMay 2020Theme: Science, Technology and Societyu/Smirkane Discord: Smirkane#8708
BiologyCoreEN27AMay 2020After having read a couple examiner reports from previous years, the topic of antibiotics is not very original. Use SciHub for free articlesu/Sam_Sushi
PhilosophyCoreEN27AMay 2020I did this EE without having taken a single philosophy class in my academic career. I was still able to receive an A, don't lose hope.u/JustSomeGuy2600
PsychologyCoreEN26BMay 2020Psychology Extended Essayu/Hetchmed
PhysicsHLEN25BMay 2019EE Reflection at appended to the end.[email protected]
PhysicsHLEN247May 2017Investigation of the moment of inertia of hollow cylinders; 24 out of 25u/feigei_125
ChemistrySLES237May 2020none/nigunou/DaBlackLamb
HistoryHLEN237May 2020I sent my IA for an EUR after receiving 22/25, and it came back with a grade increase so I can only assume it was increased to 23-24/25.u/arhanv
PhysicsSLEN227May 2020How does varying the area of a copper oscillator affect the rate of change of amplitude due to magnetic damping? strox#4591
English BHLEN22BMay 2020English EE on Ishiguro's The Remains of the Dayu/lawclaw
PhysicsHLEN227May 2020Q: The effect of wing surface area on the horizontal displacement of a paper aeroplane
GeographySLEN227May 2020The Unequal Effect of Commercial Gentrification on Micro-Businesses in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
PhysicsHLEN227May 2020u/Hetchmed
HistoryHLEN227May 2020u/unestablishment
ChemistryHLEN227May 2020u/Hetchmed
English A LiteratureSLEN227November 2016Written Assignmentu/RunasSudo
PsychologySLEN217May 2020u/Hetchmed
GeographyHLEN217May 2019How does the quality of the physical environment vary as one move away from the centre of Tokyo, Ginza?
PhysicsHLEN207May 2020Text in blue are teacher comments submitted to the IB, I think this could help othersu/cotopaxi64
HistoryHLEN207May 2017KARABAKH IS AZERBAIJANKarabakh is Azerbaijan
ChemistryHLEN207May 2020u/unestablishment
Other Language BHLEN207May 2019Chinese BHL Written Assignment for《一把青》jv#0180
ChemistryHLEN207May 2020Simulation IAu/History0470
English A Language and LiteratureHLEN207May 2019This is Written Task 2 for the pre-M21 syllabus.jv#0180
English A Language and LiteratureSLEN207May 2020Would u like proof of the 20/20?u/Pedramweed
Business managementHLEN197May 2020u/Smirkane
English A Language and LiteratureHLEN196May 2020this is my Written Task 2 for HL on Part 1: Language and Cultural Context. u/alexplainthat13
MathematicsHLEN197November 2016u/RunasSudo
English A Language and LiteratureHLEN197May 2019This is Written Task 1 for the pre-M21 syllabus.jv#0180
English A LiteratureSLEN7May 2020The raw marks are my total raw marks for the subject, because my school didn't give us access to component-wise breakdowns.u/arhanv
Business managementSLEN196May 2020This was written before covid-19, some data might not be relevant nowM1000#6122
MathematicsSLEN7May 2020Topic: Approximating sin(x) in algebraic terms | Don't know my raw marks for the IA, but my total raw marks were 83/100. u/arhanv
MathematicsHLEN197May 2020Exploring Fourier Series by Drawing Figures with Circlesu/thomaslin
PhysicsHLEN196May 2020
MathematicsHLEN197May 202016->19 after EURu/Hetchmed
MathematicsHLEN187May 2017Proposing a new probabilistic approach in modelling epidemics; 18 out of 20u/feigei_125
MathematicsSLES187November 2015u/TemplarKnight98
Mathematical studiesSLEN187May 2019jv#0180
Global politicsHLEN187May 2020I censored the name of the person I interviewed for privacy reasons. anonymous
MathematicsSLEN187May 2019IA on Volume of Revolution. Moderated score was also 18.
MathematicsHLEN187May 2018Math IAu/Liammcquay
MathematicsHLEN187May 2020u/hammer3600
MathematicsCoreEN17CMay 2020
MathematicsHLEN177May 2020Emulating Computer Calculations in Order to Manipulate a Cube’s On-Screen Appearance
MathematicsHLEN177May 2020@Lake#3557
MathematicsHLFR177May 2020So much about the irl plans that this ia established :(u/ImmortalPharaoh7
TOKCoreEN10AMay 2019jv#0180
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020
TOKCoreEN9ANovember 2016u/RunasSudo
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020TOK Essay Title 4u/Hetchmed
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020on PT 6 - Multiplicity of Theories to understand the worldu/alexplainthat13
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020"Title 5: Multiplicity of Theories"u/FreezingYoyos
TOKCoreEN7BMay 2016Essay Title 6 - accuracy vs simplicity166375#0323