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SubjectLevelDP LanguageRaw MarkGrade AchievedSessionCommentsCredits
SubjectLevelDP LanguageRaw MarkGrade AchievedSessionCommentsCredits
Global politicsSLEN966May 2020
Other Group 5CoreES45AMay 2021Modelos de evaluaciones internas matemáticas nuevo currículoMi teacher
EconomicsHLEN437November 2016u/RunasSudo
EconomicsHLEN387May 2020Micro: taxation/market failure, macro: expansionary fiscal policy, intl.: tariffs
EconomicsHLEN377May 2020Microeconomics IA, that was a part of 37/45 IA portfolio, unfortunately not sure about the specific score on this exact IA
EconomicsHLEN377May 2020Macroeconomics IA, that was a part of 37/45 IA portfolio, unfortunately not sure about the specific score on this exact IA
EconomicsHLEN377May 2020International economics IA, that was a part of 37/45 IA portfolio, unfortunately not sure about the specific score on this exact IA
English A Language and LiteratureCoreEN33AMay 2019Group 1, Category 3 EE on identity in the ​"Ms. Marvel​" comics.jv#0180
MathematicsCoreEN33AMay 2019https://github.com/ansh/Mathematics-Extended-Essay
BiologySLES33AMay 2020NadaMi colegio
PhysicsCoreEN32AMay 2020
TheatreCoreEN31AMay 2019This is my Theatre EE on the theatre company DV8 Physical Theatre that got an A.u/mythic_fci
HistoryCoreEN31AMay 2020"To what extent did the mass media structurally transform the public space of Carnatic music?"u/FreezingYoyos
Computer ScienceHLEN307May 2020CS IA (DATABASE PROJECT {PHP & MySQL})strox#4591
MathematicsCoreEN30AMay 2019Exploring dynamic programming via recursion and the golden ratiopete#7125
MathematicsCoreES30ANovember 2020Los Números Surreales como Anillo Unitario ConmutativoMi Esfuerzo
BiologySLES30AMay 2020Efecto de la Sacarosa y Glucosa en Concentraciones Hipertónicas Durante la Deshidratación Osmótica del Pepino Dulce (Solanum Muricatum).high school
Computer ScienceCoreEN30AMay 2018u/Liammcquay
MathematicsCoreFR29AMay 2020French version of the essay (English version of the essay in another submission)u/ImmortalPharaoh7
MathematicsCoreEN29AMay 2020THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL VERSION. Original version's written and submitted in French. This is a translationu/ImmortalPharaoh7
Global politicsHLEN29AMay 2020It was an A, but not a very high A.Anonymous
Environmental Systems SocietiesSLEN297May 2019IA on CO2 uptake by aquatic plantsjv#0180
EconomicsCoreEN28AMay 2020No one expected this EE to be an A(including myself and my teacher), so be careful when looking at this as an example for A grade essay
HistoryCoreEN28ANovember 2019u/JY1853
World StudiesCoreEN28AMay 2020Theme: Science, Technology and Societyu/Smirkane Discord: Smirkane#8708
PhilosophyCoreEN27AMay 2020I did this EE without having taken a single philosophy class in my academic career. I was still able to receive an A, don't lose hope.u/JustSomeGuy2600
BiologyCoreEN27AMay 2020After having read a couple examiner reports from previous years, the topic of antibiotics is not very original. Use SciHub for free articlesu/Sam_Sushi
PsychologyCoreEN26BMay 2020Psychology Extended Essayu/Hetchmed
PhysicsCoreEN25BMay 2019EE Reflection at appended to the end.[email protected]
PhysicsHLEN24BMay 2020u/cotopaxi64
PhysicsHLEN247May 2017Investigation of the moment of inertia of hollow cylinders; 24 out of 25u/feigei_125
MathematicsSLEN7May 2020Topic: Approximating sin(x) in algebraic terms | Don't know my raw marks for the IA, but my total raw marks were 83/100. u/arhanv
English A LiteratureSLEN7May 2020The raw marks are my total raw marks for the subject, because my school didn't give us access to component-wise breakdowns.u/arhanv
ChemistrySLES237May 2020none/nigunou/DaBlackLamb
HistoryHLEN237May 2020I sent my IA for an EUR after receiving 22/25, and it came back with a grade increase so I can only assume it was increased to 23-24/25.u/arhanv
PhysicsSLEN227May 2020How does varying the area of a copper oscillator affect the rate of change of amplitude due to magnetic damping? strox#4591
HistoryHLEN227May 2020u/unestablishment
PhysicsHLEN227May 2020Q: The effect of wing surface area on the horizontal displacement of a paper aeroplane
English A LiteratureSLEN227November 2016Written Assignmentu/RunasSudo
PhysicsHLEN227May 2020u/Hetchmed
English BHLEN22BMay 2020English EE on Ishiguro's The Remains of the Dayu/lawclaw
GeographySLEN227May 2020The Unequal Effect of Commercial Gentrification on Micro-Businesses in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
ChemistryHLEN227May 2020u/Hetchmed
GeographyHLEN217May 2019How does the quality of the physical environment vary as one move away from the centre of Tokyo, Ginza?
PsychologySLEN217May 2020u/Hetchmed
BiologyCoreEN21BMay 2020M2
English A Language and LiteratureSLEN207May 2020Would u like proof of the 20/20?u/Pedramweed
Other Language BHLEN207May 2019Chinese BHL Written Assignment for《一把青》jv#0180
English A Language and LiteratureHLEN207May 2019This is Written Task 2 for the pre-M21 syllabus.jv#0180
ChemistryHLEN207May 2020u/unestablishment
PhysicsHLEN207May 2020Text in blue are teacher comments submitted to the IB, I think this could help othersu/cotopaxi64
HistoryHLEN207May 2017KARABAKH IS AZERBAIJANKarabakh is Azerbaijan
English A Language and LiteratureHLEN197May 2019This is Written Task 1 for the pre-M21 syllabus.jv#0180
MathematicsHLEN197May 202016->19 after EURu/Hetchmed
MathematicsHLEN197November 2016u/RunasSudo
PhysicsHLEN196May 2020
Business managementHLEN197May 2020u/Smirkane
English A Language and LiteratureHLEN196May 2020this is my Written Task 2 for HL on Part 1: Language and Cultural Context. u/alexplainthat13
ChemistryHLEN196May 2020
Business managementSLEN196May 2020This was written before covid-19, some data might not be relevant nowM1000#6122
MathematicsHLEN197May 2020Exploring Fourier Series by Drawing Figures with Circlesu/thomaslin
MathematicsSLEN187May 2019IA on Volume of Revolution. Moderated score was also 18.
Global politicsHLEN187May 2020I censored the name of the person I interviewed for privacy reasons. anonymous
MathematicsHLEN187May 2020u/hammer3600
MathematicsHLEN187May 2018Math IAu/Liammcquay
MathematicsSLES187November 2015u/TemplarKnight98
MathematicsHLEN187May 2017Proposing a new probabilistic approach in modelling epidemics; 18 out of 20u/feigei_125
Mathematical studiesSLEN187May 2019jv#0180
MathematicsHLFR177May 2020So much about the irl plans that this ia established :(u/ImmortalPharaoh7
MathematicsHLEN177May 2020@Lake#3557
MathematicsCoreEN17CMay 2020
MathematicsHLEN177May 2020Emulating Computer Calculations in Order to Manipulate a Cube’s On-Screen Appearance
TOKCoreEN10AMay 2019jv#0180
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020"Title 5: Multiplicity of Theories"u/FreezingYoyos
TOKCoreEN9ANovember 2016u/RunasSudo
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020
TOKCoreEN9ANovember 2020The essay is either a 10 or a 9 but I believe it would have been marked as a 9 u/leftolive
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020TOK Essay Title 4u/Hetchmed
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2019Title 3: Do good explanations have to be true?pete#7125
TOKCoreEN9AMay 2020on PT 6 - Multiplicity of Theories to understand the worldu/alexplainthat13
TOKCoreEN7BMay 2016Essay Title 6 - accuracy vs simplicity166375#0323