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If you are done with the IB and you would like to help others please feel free to upload your exemplar coursework. By uploading, you give us permission to permanently store and distribute your work free of charge. You will retain full copyright ownership. In order to request an upload to be taken down, please email [email protected] with the link to the file and the magic word you provided when uploading. Please note that the grades you specify should be the grades of the component breakdown NOT your overall grade.

If for any of the subjects you selected "other", please provide the subject name in the remarks input box. You can also send an email to request for it to be added.

For TOK/EE, select "Core"

The language you took the DP in, NOT the language of the exemplar

This is NOT your grade, rather the marks you have achieved.

Please use the format Month Year, e.g. "May 2016"

Anything that might be useful

Who to credit :)

Any word - you will need this if you want to delete the file, so write it down and keep it secret